Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Where it all started


My latest work has been my drawings of shoes and trying to make them look as though they have been dancing, i have drawin them in a very cartoon way and i love them i think its very efective.

i have also tryed to create a sort of poster and Andy Warhol look to these works.


With the shoe cut outs i also tryed to asemble

My Culture

I guess my biggest interests in Cultre are 60's fashion and Mod/indie/hippy. These are huge influences in my music, dress and where i go such as clubs and bars and sometimes gigs. This interest i feel was passed down to me from my parents i would say as they were 60's kids. Also the people i and around with also have a similar interest such as:
Vic on a sat night - mod night
pub - ohenries or fire water
music - Paul Weller, stone roses, the coral, the little flames, arctic monkeys, the view etc....

This is my culture....

this is the culture that influences me.....


Now that my work is developing i can see relationships with it and other artists such as Andy warhol with his use of bright colours and prints of shoes which all link into what im doing. i have always loved his work as i have always had a secnce of fun from it as well as beauty. Here are some works which really do conect with my work and have a huge influence in what im trying to create at the moment.
i feel that i maybe conect better to works like this as i just want my pieces to be fun and playful as there is enough bad in the real world i dont need it in my art work.

Roy Lichtenstein has also been interesting to look at as in some of my shoe drawings i have given them an animated look. i have always loved cartoons so its been fun to try making my seriouse shoes look childish. I love how his work looks like a comic book strip which would be interesting to try make a short comic of my shoes?

Finally an artist that has also been helpful is Julian Opie his work is so interesting as he takes objects, people and creates something new and interesting from them making them more simple in shape and form and sometimes making them more beatiful to me. You can also see a clear link to Andy Warhol in his work of the album cover for Blur.

Thursday, 26 April 2007


clay shoes! the delacate one looks nice, looks like its melting away were as the other is just a big beast! haha so i spray painted them to make them pritty and disco-ey looking! and ofcourse you see my gorguse shoe that i lost the other of so i dedicate this to my fav pair of shoes! x

A few wee things here a pic that i think is so sucsesful in showing motion of my feet! well done me! also my ink spins where i placed wet paper on a turn table dropped inks in them and spun them to show movment and represent a record, cd etc... and lastly my metal cut outs of shoes! i love how ruff they are they shall come in handy for my final me thinks!

lets go DISCO!